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[wp_ad_camp_1] Q1 SKYPOINT OBSERVATION DECK is located in the Gold Coast, Queensland. Q1 is primarily a residential property with over 500 luxury apartments. Skypoint Observation Deck is a major attraction which is on level 77 of the tower offering a 360 degree viewing platform of Surfer’s Paradise and the rest of the 57 kilometre Gold Coast Beaches. Visitors and Tourists to the Gold Coast should come straight here to experience this amazing top view perspective of the beach. And appreciate the natural beauty of the area, away from crowd and all the street-level noise and touristic atmosphere. The views are breathtaking from 230 metres up high plus the world’s fastest elevator that rushes you to level 77 in 42 seconds. Watch the video! [wp_ad_camp_3]     There is a café/bar positioned on a slightly raised mezzanine floor in the centre of the space. The Skypoint Observation Deck envelopes the café/bar...