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Queenstown New Zeland 0


We’ve seen how beautiful Queenstown is –at least in pictures! It’s about time we visit and experience this famous city of New Zealand. And see it for ourselves. We figured out winter would be a perfect season to be swept away in those incredible views of snow-capped mountains. We visited Queenstown in the winter months from 27 June to 1 July 2019. In anticipation of the cold weather, we had to pack reliable winter clothes as temperatures can drop to negative zero degrees. This includes thermal under wears, thermal waterproof gloves, snow boots and other layers of clothing. So packing was a bit tricky. Our group was composed of 6 adults and a toddler before the trip we had already booked a 4-bedroom Airbnb accommodation, Milford Sound Coach and Cruise tour as well as an 8-seater van from Avis car rentals. SHARING OUR ITINERARY FOR THIS TRIP: DAY 1 –...