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[wp_ad_camp_1] A 4-days roadtrip itinerary from Adelaide to Melbourne and vice versa. Spring and Summer are the best season to go on a road trip with DST in place, the days are longer and you can take advantage of the daylight. If you’re planning on a road trip to our neighboring state Victoria, here’s an itinerary which lets you maximise most of the places of interest in both SA and Victoria. Route #1 – Adelaide to Mt Gambier Distance: 430km Drive Duration: 5 hours Places of interest: Blue Lake and Umpherston Sinkhole The Blue Lake is an extinct volcanic crater which turns into a brilliant azure blue colour especially during the warmer months like summer. It is best to visit from December to end of March as it turns into winter grey from May to November. The Umpherston Sinkhole now a grandioce setting of a Sunken Garden was actually a...



[wp_ad_camp_1] The Blue Lake in Mt Gambier South Australia is an extinct volcanic crater which mysteriously turns into a brilliant azure blue colour during summer from December to end of March while it turns into winter grey from May to November. There are lots of theories as to why it behaves that way. Generally, it is said to be caused by the amount of sun that hits the surface of the lake during summer thus increasing the temperature of the water. This then causes the chemical compound calcium carbonate to precipitate and breakout of the solution enabling micro crystallites to form. The sight from the lookout is breathtaking. The Blue Lake is in Mt Gambier second most populated City in South Australia. This vibrant place is 435 km south of Adelaide City and half-way to Melbourne. The Blue Lake is one of the best stops you should not miss when driving...



[wp_ad_camp_1] Melbourne is approximately 736km from Adelaide an 8-9 hours drive if you’re driving non-stop. But of course, it is recommended to take regular breaks – you should stop for at least 15 minutes every two hours or share the driving if you can, use rest areas, tourist spots stop and rest as soon as you feel tired. I recall my first road trip to Melbourne I was both excited and nervous. It was only my 6th month since arriving in Australia as a Skilled Migrant and already on to my first longest drive. I needed to get used to driving on the left side of the road and obey Australian road rules and signs. To be honest it wasn’t easy adjusting to driving on the left-side of the road and with the steering wheel on the right side of the car.  As of writing, it’s now been 3 years and...